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If you have ever had a session with me you might recall that, with consistency, I ask for your true first name at birth as well as your birth date.  And, while it would be easy to assume that the reading will be based upon astrology, that is not the case,  Sadly, I only know enough about astrology to be dangerous.  And truthfully,  many of my clients are better versed on the study than I am.  My readings are based upon the concept that prior to birth every aspect of the upcoming life has been predetermined.  This process might be easier to understand if you can envision a group of loving souls that study your many past life experiences and, determine what is needed in order for spiritual enlightenment to occur.  At that point the adventures, challenges, victories, love, and many other earthy experiences are scripted into your life story knowing exactly how you will respond to each event, but more importantly, what is is that you will learn.  Your family dynamics are also preordained knowing that many souls have been committed together for many life times, playing out different roles, and assisting each other to grown to higher states of enlightenment.  It is also believed that as a newly arrived soul on this planet your parents have already been selected so that you will be exposed to a particular parenting style, which will help develop you into the person you are meant to be. If something exists and can be identified than it can also be named.  So prior to birth you sent a psychic message  to the people that would be responsible for naming you as to what your name should be.  And, during the sacred act of name giving, your energy or essence was identified.  For the purpose of a reading, it is always the original true first name that has the strongest vibration (other names have a lesser vibration and are thought to be a further means of identification).  In order for all of these wonderful experiences to occur it is necessary that your birth occur at a precise moment and place so that the planetary conditions are perfect and making it possible for your goals to be accomplished.  There is a rhythm to life that is based upon a flow or cycle of nine.  At birth we become part of that rhythm.  Many of us do not jump into the cycle at year one (it can be anywhere).  By finding your starting place within the rhythm it is possible to understand the journey of the soul prior to birth, as well as, what is currently being experienced and, the future potentials.  It truly is a study about energy and how we intend to use it and, of course about free will.  The study of energy and cycles is fascinating and, after 23 years year of psychic consulting I have never found a bad energy combination although I have found individuals that did not see their own beautiful potentials.  My intention is to show you your own perfection!

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